Big A Elementary School

Career Day

Big A Elementary had Career Day on Friday, November 15th.    Many parents and people from the community volunteered their morning to share their careers with Big A students.  

Kindergarten students had the opportunity to meet Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Sullivan and Joey Walker, C.P.A. Rachel Sanders, Priest Mary Demmler, Cosmetologist Leah Nadeau and Candace Smith, and Nurse Betsy Moore.

First grade students got to visit with Zumba Instructor Allie Hopkins, Probate Judge Glenda Ernest, Emergency Room Nurse Christy Andrews, Banker Stacy Miller, and Cosmetologist Margaret Wilkinson.  

Students in second through fifth grades had the opportunity to learn about various careers.  Students were actively engaged in many activities.  Everyone had a great time and learned a lot about different types of careers.  Stephens County citizens will certainly have some fine future leaders.

Career Day Volunteers


Big A would like to thank the following volunteers for sharing their time and for giving our students a vision of a bright future just waiting for them!

Christy Andrews, Nurse

Peter Collins, Probation Officer

Lennia Colwell, Cosmetologist

Kristen Culpepper, Dance & Gymnastics Instructor

Kentrell Curry, Former NFL Player & Graduation Coach

Dr. Paul Dabney, Army Preventative Medical Officer

Jeffrey Davis, Welder

Mary Demmler, Priest

Glenda Ernest, Probate Judge

Cassady Fulbright, Cosmetology Student

Pam Hill, Stephens County High School

Phil Hobbs, Radio Broadcaster

Allie Hopkins, Zumba Instructor

Sgt. Kester, Marine

Heather Lindgren, Walmart Bakery

Stacy Miller, Community Bank and Trust

Dr. & Mrs. William Mills, Toccoa Clinic

Betsy Moore, Nurse

Alex Mote, Health Care Science Student

Leah Nadeau, Cosmetologist

Ann Pickett, District Attorney

Amanda Powell, GBI Crime Lab

Tim Quick, Clerk of Superior Court

Kim Randall, Nurse

Tylena Revels, Nurse

Daniel Roberts, Paramedic

Clint Sanders, Pharmacist

Rachel Sanders, C.P.A.

Randy Shirley, Sheriff

Tabitha Smith, Health Care Science Teacher

Chris Stephens, Paramedic

Dr. Kim Stroud, Pediatrician

Chris Sullivan, Sheriff’s Deputy

Don Tabor, Magistrate Judge

Todd Tatum, Walmart Manager

Whitney West, Cosmetology Student

Margaret Wilkinson, Cosmetologist

Matt Wood, Carpet Cleaner